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Beneteau Introduces FIRST SE to the FIRST family

23 February 2021

As part of its ongoing mission to share a passion for sailing, last year Beneteau, together with Seascape, presented three new members of the 7th generation of the FlRST line. The First 24 and 27 are exciting sports cruisers, while the First 14 is an innovative dinghy that brings fun and exciting sailing to all. In addition, the new First SE – Seascape Edition line, consisting of four models (the 14SE, 18SE, 24SE and 27SE) was recently created with the mission to bring modern one­ design racing and adventure sailing to every sailor. These new Firsts are drawing power from the same exhilarating hulls designed by talented Samuel Manuard as their SE cousins, while offering simpler systems, aluminium masts, more comfortable interiors and cockpits geared towards day sailing and coastal cruising. Adapting to the different needs and expectations of a wide variety of users has always been a staple of the Beneteau brand. First SE – Seascape Edition builds on the Seascape heritage and encourages and empowers sailors to expand their comfort zone. It brings high-tech performance, and event and community know-how from the cutting edge of racing into the hands of amateur sailors. First 14 SE – Seascape Edition will satisfy more demanding dinghy sailors who want to push themselves further with an extra layer of performance and high-tech. She delivers the excitement, speed and fun of high-performance racing skiffs in a modern, accessible, safe and easy-to-handle package. The build quality and high-tech materials allow sailors to push the boat in stronger winds, while additional sail area gives extra power in light wind conditions. The mast, boom and bowsprit are made of carbon fibre while the upwind sails are built from laminate. With smart removable wheels and easy to transport on the car-roof, she is the perfect answer to an active lifestyle. The 18 SE is a sailboat for people who want to start exploring sailing and grow into well-versed sailors, whether in one design club racing or adventure sailing. With 500 of the First 18 SE – Seascape Edition already sold worldwide she is a perfect sport boat for recreational sailors who would like to challenge themselves in well-established one-design class. Her wide flat hull and twin rudders cannot disguise the offshore DNA which offers complete control even when planing at double-digit speeds. Boat handling and deck organisation are simplified as much as possible with a snuffer system, furling jib and carbon mast without backstays. It has a small, but still spacious enough, cabin that can accommodate two adults. A large open cockpit and a small cabin with a big double berth makes it an ideal sea camping platform. The fully retractable swinging keel and removable rudder blades will give you access to the shallowest bays. Being easily trailered and dismantled, she is also able to fulfil racing ambitions as well as suiting those looking to head away for a night. Whether you are hoping to expand your comfort zone in solo adventure racing or take your family on adventure holidays, the First 24 SE – Seascape Edition covers it all. She is a modern high-tech sport cruiser, delivering thrilling performance and an exciting sailing experience. Her carbon rig not only reduces the weight aloft but also removes the need for a backstay. This significantly simplifies maneuvers and allows the boat to carry a sizeable square-top mainsail. This results in a combination of very high sail area/displacement ratio which allows sailors to have fun in even the lightest winds. Being trailerable and slip-launchable together with a smart system to raise the mast even single-handed allows the 24SE to change sailing regions with great ease. The First 27 SE delivers extraordinary sailing experiences that until today were reserved for professional racers. This Samuel Manuard-designed all-weather, vacuum infused one-design offshore racer and adventure cruiser is built entirely in sandwich construction. This construction method helped make her the only offshore one-design class sailboat that can be towed on the road without special permissions and has allowed over 160 owners to gather and undertake long-distance races around Europe and USA. Please enquire with us about this new exciting range of sailing boats at

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