Award Partners

Awards and Prizes have got a whole new meaning! 


As the pioneers of Green Tea in skincare, AMOREACIFIC have spent decades studying every inch of the plant from seed to root to leaf to flower. Our scientists research every possible way the plant can benefit the skin and innovate new methods of capturing its essence. AMOREPACIFIC unlocks Green Tea’s full potential by utilizing each precious part, season by season, so that every formula is infused with a comprehensive blend of nutrients that deliver beautiful skin, one drop at time.


As the Ampoule Expert, we offer a wide variety of ampoules to satisfy your needs. Ampoule beyond serum, its highly active, highly concentrated, highly potent and highly penetrating unlocks the key to skin renewal.  Now you can experience even more efficacy.


Avant-garde in yachting, Beneteau yachts are suited for ocean crossings, spirited racing and relaxed family cruising in comfort. With stylish sailing yachts models ranging from 14 to 62 feet, there is a Beneteau yacht for every sail plan and occasion.

With over 130 years of experience Beneteau Group is the number one yacht builder in the world with Beneteau Sail and Beneteau Power offering a comprehensive range of yachts for boaters of all levels and experience. Beneteau Sail comprises Oceanis, First ranges and one-design Figaro 3 while Beneteau Power includes Flyer, Antares, Gran Turismo and  Swift Trawler ranges.

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Cleanmax offers multi-surface powerful cleaners for yachts and boats. Mold, stubborn deposits, oils, fuels, dirt, pollutions – it is design to clean/degrease all biodegradable surfaces. Cleanmax boat is an all-in-one product for deep cleaning your boat.

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Founded in 2007, Devialet is an acoustic engineering company operating at the intersection of luxury and cutting-edge technology whose mission is to put sound back at its true place in people's life. 


The company is rooted in a series of patented innovations embedded within their award-winning line of products, which include the Expert Pro amplifiers and connected Phantom speakers. Among many innovations, the most notable company technologies are ADH® (first pioneer patent filed in 2004), numerous acoustic and microelectronic technologies and SAM®. ADH®, for Analog Digital Hybrid technology, is Devialet’s core innovation in sound amplification, combining the sophistication of analog amplification with the power and compactness of digital technology. SAM® (Speaker Active Matching) technology provides the best sound reproduction possible considering the physical properties of the speaker.


By coupling an unrivaled sound quality with a sleek and modern design, Devialet's world-class engineers are committed to provide uniquely impactful and meaningful innovations to deliver unmatched sound experiences.


Since 2017, Devialet has also strengthened its licensing activity portfolio alongside its first-party range, offering partners custom-made acoustic solutions that leverage the company’s know-how & tech. 


First founded in London’s Piccadilly in 1707, Fortnum & Mason are proud to have remained an essential destination for anyone in search of extraordinary food, exceptional service and joy-giving things ever since. Everyone remembers their first encounter with the iconic brand, and no wonder – over our centuries of history, the legendary tea house has been committed to delivering a sense of pleasure to anyone who walks through their doors.

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For 160 years, Frette has brought comfort to homes of the world with linens and decorative home accessories of unparalleled quality.

From its bases in Monza and Milan, Frette uses the finest fibres and collaborates with the most skilled Italian artisans to craft products that embody luxury, comfort and creativity. Known for chic, original designs and inimitable finish and feel, Frette linens can be found in the world's most illustrious hotels as well as in the most discerning private homes, yachts and aircrafts.

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A holistic sports wellness destination, Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy is in a league of its own. Set in Sai Kung’s pristine countryside, HKGTA provides a space where potential of all kinds could be realised. We are privileged to provide patrons the chance to enrol in tailored programmes from two world-renowned training institutes: PGA of America Learning, Performance and Bruguera Tennis Academy and Joint Dynamics.


Patrons can also enjoy exclusive access to ancillary facilities dedicated to sports wellness, along with accommodation, dining, sports and recreation activities. Greatness needs a place to thrive. That space is Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy.


Surrounded by lush greenery and spectacular mountains against a dramatic backdrop of the South China Sea, Lantau Yacht Club is a premium, members-only club offering world-class mooring facilities and modern amenities catering to the local leisure boating community, as well as superyachts from around the world.

On its first anniversary, LYC received the 5 Gold Anchor award from the Marina Industries Association for offering consistently outstanding marina facilities and services to our members and guests.

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L’Imperatrice Ltd is one of the leading fine wine importers in Asia. They are proud to be working with some of the most prestigious wine makers in France, and offering their best productions to the Asian market. They focus on Burgundy wines with also an interest in new emerging wine regions.

The name “L’Imperatrice” means “empress” in French, and refers to the famous Empress Eugenie , Queen of Emperor Napoleon III. She was a model of elegance and
fine taste in France. The empress considerably helped the development of luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, and later impulsed the 1855 Grand Cru classification. Our name is a tribute to the history of wine and stands for our main focus: fine wines.

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Hong Kong has always had an intimate relationship with the sea; local fishermen, distant travellers, and avid sailors have all respected the waters that hug the verdant hills of its coastline. 

A true blend of tradition and modernity, Māzŭ pays homage to Hong Kong’s rich maritime history; incorporating traditional colours, local motifs, and unique fabrics to create classic swim shorts for the man who understands quality and comfort.

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Moonzen is a Hong Kong based brewery born from the love for authentic beers and ignited by the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. All Moonzen beers are unpasteurised and unfiltered. Its superior quality is manifested in its enchanting aroma, fine bubbles, and satisfying flavour.

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North Sails was founded in 1957 by Lowell North, an American sailor and Olympic Gold Medalist. North was an engineer as well, one who methodically focused on building sails that were faster than any competitor's. Year after year, Lowell North and his team pioneered new innovative technologies that conquered wind and water. Explored the Ocean. And won races.

Today Lowell North’s inspiration lives on in North Sails apparel as well, as it is designed and developed so that our customers can focus on what’s important for them – taking on the sea or just navigating modern life.


Oliver James draws inspiration from life’s beautiful experiences. When we create a Lilo it isn’t just a product to us, it’s part of creating time for family to come together and enjoy the simplest and happiest of moments. We want to build an experience around our Lilo’s and we hope that you appreciate them as much as we do. They are made to be loved.


Our first collection includes six luxury upholstered Lilo’s curated through thoughtful craftsmanship, durable materials and striking fabrics. We deliver pieces of handsome floating furniture that are intended to give you a little piece of oasis wherever life might take you. Whether that be by the pool, lakeside, or out on the open water.


After 10 years of research, RAZE developed a 2-nanometer photocatalyst coating that covers even the finest surfaces with hyper-effective sanitisation. The very first step of our journey to inspire the everyday life with our scientific pursuits. Now by extending the R-A-Z-E brand values, we will incessantly innovate and create a safe, carefree living environment for all.


In 2000, Rituals' founder Raymond Cloosterman started his journey with a mission: to transform everyday routines into more meaningful moments. 

Inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of Asian cultures, we created an extensive collection of luxurious yet affordable products for home and body. We hope to enrich your life using unique signature fragrances that are carefully designed and composed by the world’s finest perfumers.


SPF is the #1 thing you can do for your skin.

As the experts in SPF, for more than 15 years, product has been our purpose — something our founder, Holly, has said since the beginning. But our mission is about so much more than just sunscreen.

Not long ago, SPF only came to mind at the beach, and it wasn’t something people actually wanted to wear. So, we set out to change the way the world thought about sunscreen to say goodbye to sticky sunscreen. 

We continually invest in newer, better ways to bring sunscreen to life with formulas that completely change the game.


As a premium cotton and shirt specialist, PYE has studied every detail of the shirting process so as to engineer what we believe to be the ultimate product.
The PYE experience provides the quality craftsmanship it has demonstrated since the company was founded in 1984.
PYE continues to strive for higher standards, with no compromises where details matter.


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TOIO is the ultimate sailing apparel brand, 40 years in the making. The original founder of SLAM clothing has a new mission, to conceive and deliver cutting-edge performance gear for sailing & yachting.

The collection is characterized by elegant lines and a slim cut. Combining traditional colours of the nautical world, such as pearl white, dark navy and optical grays with an aggressive splash of flashy orange through-out the range, suggesting the racing and innovative spirit of the brand.

The materials used are the result of passionate, four decade-long journey around the world to source only the very best. Our philosophy is simple, trusted manufacturers, combined with Italian creativity and Hong Kong efficiency.

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Founded in 1975, TUMI takes its name from a Peruvian icon known to its founder from his Peace Corps days in South America. During the 1980's, TUMI's innovative introduction of soft, ultra-functional, black-on-black ballistic nylon travel bags catapulted the company to its current leadership position.

TUMI has been creating world-class business and travel essentials, designed to upgrade, uncomplicate, and beautify all aspects of life on the move. Blending flawless functionality with a spirit of ingenuity, we’re committed to empowering journeys as a lifelong partner to movers and makers in pursuit of their passions. The brand is sold globally in over 75 countries with upwards of 2,200 points of sale.

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Founded in 1946 in New York City as Ulmer Sails, UK Sailmakers is one of the world's most established groups of sail makers with nearly 50 lofts and service centers. It is our goal to deliver sails using the most advanced design technologies and materials.


Our lofts retain the personal touch that sailors expect since all UK Sailmakers lofts are owned by local sailors, who know the needs of their sailing communities. That's why each loft prides itself in providing quick, high-quality service along with well-designed, long-lasting sails.